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My Current Bagged Discs

July 24, 2023

Nuke: forehand bomber 

Scorch: forehand straight / flex line bomber

Flippy lightweight wraith: roller or flippy backhand that never comes back.

Wraith: backhand bomber 

Beast: backhand neutral bomber

Firebird: shorter nuke for hard fades, mostly forehand.

Thunderbird: distance backhand overstable for reliable fade / curve through whole throw. Forehand distance flex line.

Valkyrie: new backhand driver, trying it out.

Heat: backland hyzer flip

Roadrunner: forehand roller or backhand hyzer flip

Tl3: shorter scorch

FD1 (fd2 remake): forehand straight shot with a reliable late fade right. Much slower and less fade than firebird.

Teebird: shorter thunderbird

Leopard3: go to backhand understable reliable driver, 325-330, maybe try for forehand?

Roc: neautral mid with reliable late fade

Buzzz: mid straight

Paradox: flippy mid that never comes out of turn

Zone: utility approach disc, flex lines, sharp fades, anything.

Pig: trying to see if I like this or zone.

Berg: short approach, go straight for basket from 40-70

AviarX3: overstable putting putter 

Roach: main putting putter 

Deputy: understable putting putter