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A fun practice round at home course.

July 17, 2023

Went out with Andrew for a casual round. Normally the first three holes on cane creek came determine whether or not it’s going to be a good score for the day.

Well, let’s just say I started poorly. My goal is to be around par through front 9 in order to have a chance of beating my record of +4 for this course.

Was +2 heading into hole 9, looking to hit par since it was in the far placement. Well… butchered that tee shot into the ground, followed by a shot into a tree. 

Finished front 9 at +4, probably the worst I’ve had in a while. I went into the back 9 (mostly wooded) with the intention to just not fall apart.

To my surprise, I shot the best back 9 ive had yet for that course. Hit a double bogey after I smash a tree 40’ in front of me, but recovered with a bunch of pars.

Landed my firebird on the island over the water hole for a birdie. Finally feeling comfortable with my distance for my Nuke and firebird when I throw forehand.

Got to hole 18, which you throw across a valley filled with trees, with a one stroke lead on Andrew. Just gotta put it close to finish it out.

I throw it through all the trees but landed quite a bit to the right, maybe 60’? I just want to lay it up to finish for a par, cause I know Andrew had a tough 20’ uphill put to tie.

I throw it straight into a branch above me half way to the basket.

Andrew makes the tough out for the birdie, and I finish my 20’ putt for the bogey.

That, my friends, is how you have a two stroke swing to lose by one on hole 18. Beauty of disc golf. Better to do it for fun instead of a tournament.

Until next time!